Equal Employment Opportunity

It has been the established personnel policy of Barefoot Boat Bums to effectively utilize our available manpower resources by selecting the best-qualified person for the job to be performed. Since the objective of this personnel policy is to use all qualified available manpower to the fullest, we feel we must administer this policy in such a manner as not to discriminate against any person, employee, or job applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, veteran status, or disability. No job applicant will be discriminated against or given preference because of these factors. This policy is intended to apply to recruiting, hiring, promotions, upgrading, layoffs, compensation, benefits, termination and all other privileges, and terms and conditions of employment. It is also our policy to comply with all federal and state employment law.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Barefoot Boat Bums recognizes drug and alcohol abuse as a potential health, safety and security problem. The purpose of Barefoot Boat Bums drug and alcohol policy is to maintain a work environment free from the effects of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating substances, to ensure the reputation of the company and its employees as good, dependable citizens, worthy of the responsibilities entrusted to them and to reduce the incidence of accidental injury to person or property.

Safety Rules

We attempt to do everything in our power to give employees a safe working environment; however, safety is the responsibility of everyone who works here. The careless action of one individual can endanger the entire facility. Knowing this, practical safety rules and regulations have been adopted for your protection.

If you are interested in an employment opportunity with Barefoot Boat Bums, please complete the employment application and send it to:

Barefoot Boat Bums
Attention: HR
6320 Solano Creek Rd Elkton, FL 32033

Email: info@barefootboatbums.com